Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Frozen Moment in Time...

            I wrote this last night.  The whole family (including Kelly) and I went up to Hurkey Creek, which for those who don't know, is near Idywild for a quick little campout.  It was an awesome 29 or 30 hours away from the world with the only 4 people I trully need in this world, I would like to do a little trip report but I liked this little diddy and am choosing to post it for my weekly post instead because I wrote it on my phone in the moment.  I've not really changed anything except for getting rid of the odd '&' sign and cleaning up the sentences a little (it's hard to 'type' on an EVO with big fingers and autocorrect is a pain.) Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy it. 

I find myself sitting here contemplating the small fire I built only a few hours earlier (with only 2 matches might I add). The glowing red embers mesmerizing and captivating as the flames dance over them. It's a chilly night with a rushing breeze amidst the soaring pines.  It's an ideal moment.  A moment I always cherish and wish I could freeze.  Reach to my watch and hit pause.  Let the moment last for a day, maybe two. This moment of nothingness that reaches down and plays a fine little blues tune on my heart strings.  In this moment the world ceases to exist. The children are asleep in their bags, as is my wife. There is no monotone drone of a TV, no possibility of a phone call (no cell service), no urgent thing to do or task to complete, there is only the fire, the breeze, and me. The dancing flames are my entertainment, the canvas of stars above the back drop and the rustle of pine trees the soundtrack. This is heaven. This rejuvenates me. This is one of the only times I'm at peace and quite frankly....I don't want it to end! Ever! But it’s cold and late and tomorrow is a new day with a fresh adventure eagerly awaiting the family and so I must spread the fire.  The moment is over, time re-started, life moves forward once again. There is food to put in the truck, a run to the restroom to make, and a sleeping bag to get comfy in.  I know I will have this moment again though and so I am not sad per se because I know that when next I sit down in front of fire on a cool mountain evening I will once again be able to hit the pause button of life.  I will treasure it just as much as this one. 

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