Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Adventure continues...

Money?  What Money?  We don't need no stinking money!
             And so we wrap up another summer vacation weekend.   This weekend was a bit of a rest weekend for us.  I didn’t realize just how exhausting it is to keep the kids going on the weekends and to keep up at work and with all the various stuff that needs to be done at the house.  The item I really didn’t foresee when I started out on my quest to fill the weekends of summer vacation with fun was the cost.  I mean seriously folks it’s expensive to expose your children to new wonders and exciting new sights.  Museums cost money, camp sites cost money, the food to eat while at said Museums and camp sites cost money…oh and don’t forget the gas to get there.  I’m not whining really or being overly negative I just really didn’t see the expense involved.  This is probably due in no small part to having the chance to do the above things as a child and being oblivious to the expense on my parents.  I know Boy Scouts helped to lower the cost a bit….or at least I’m thinking it did…but it couldn’t have been cheap, especially on one income for the early years.  I’m impressed with my parent’s abilities to get us to some of the places we were able to go.  I’ve done what I can to get discounts and stuff but it’ll be a real challenge to keep it going for another 7 weeks or so.  Anyone know of a website or two that has discounts for just some schmuck looking to expose his kids to adventure and fun that isn’t an amusement park?

Dad?  Why must you take pictures of us eating?  No Really?  WHY!???
                Any who, on to bigger and better things,  like I said above; this weeks was an R&R weekend, a ‘dad catch your breath’ weekend but I wan’t just going to sit idly by and let us settle into the same ol routine of ‘Play DS, watch TV, play on the computer…repeat’.  So yesterday was an errand running day and today we got out some hiking gear and hit up the Santa Rosa Plateau.  The weather has been pretty darn near perfection and I was hoping it would hold out for another day or so and it did.  We hiked in cool weather (couldn’t have been more than 75 degrees out) with a nice breeze.  It was quite lovely.  We parked at the Hidden Springs Trail Head and hiked out to the little Adobe house.  We had a little bite to eat and walked around the Adobe.  There was a small nature trail that we walked along to.  I was a little unsure how well my son would do but Captain J pulled through with flying colors.  All in all we covered 4.1 miles in about an hour and a half (we spent about a half hour resting at the Adobe) with 500ish feet of elevation gain.  The only time Lil J whined was towards the end on a pretty good incline in the last .3 miles or so.  Like I said on FB I think we may have a hiker on our hands.  After that we went into town and hit up DQ, always a nice way to end a ‘mini-adventure’.

                So far we’re doing pretty well with keeping the adventure going for the summer break after a month.  This is technically Adventure #4 and I’m thinking a trip up to Palomar for an overnighter is on the books for next week maybe.  In other personal news I’ve kept up with my exercising and have been pretty steady with the two rides/two runs a week.  This combined with an increase in portion control at meals and a cleaner diet has meant that I’ve dropped about 15 pounds in the past couple of months.  I’m feeling better and was only slightly embarrassed to have the hip belt on my day pack wrapped around my fat…errrr….gut….errrr…waist.   I’ve got a ways to go before I can settle and be happy with my weight but so far I’m feeling pretty good and clothes are fitting well again.  Oh and I’m still off of the soda!!!!  Yay me.  Unfortunately, I did just kind of take a hit at work but that’ll work itself out in the end I hope.  So with that I say ado and wish you all continued Adventures for the Summer of 2012.  Anyone want to share what you’ve been up to so far?  I’d love to hear about it.     
Captain J & the Giant Oak...title of my first childrens story?  I think so!

mmmmmm the gear!  Best part of the outdoors.  Wait? What!?

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