Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Odds and Ends...or Sunday of Sniffles.

               Today is a beautiful day and I’m sitting here enjoying it through open blinds.  I would’ve liked to have gone for a ride today but instead I’m sitting here sniffling my way through my Sunday.  I feel better than I have in the last four days but still not great.  I wasn’t even up to writing yesterday.  I did get some editing done though so it wasn’t a complete loss.  The sun is shining and there is almost no wind it’d be a great day to be turning the pedals over.  I’d just like to stop feeling bad, this battle with my nose is getting old and I know if I go and ride I’ll regret it.  So it is with a little sadness that I sit down to write this.  I’m not in an overly creative mood so this won’t even be all that long…but I’m hoping there will be pictures. 
                I am working on kind of a cool blog post for Monday though.  I’m working on my third revision and getting my editor (okay she’s also my wife) to go over it so that I can almost look as if I know how to write English.  I only have two words for you; ‘Stupid Commas’ I hate the little bastards and yet I know they’re very important to the whole ‘making sense’ side of writing.  I probably should’ve paid more attention in that 11th grade English class and a little less time writing Star Trek fan fiction. 
                I had another idea drop into my head last night and I’m obsessing over it a little too much so I’m probably going to start something on that now.  I’d like to get published and I realize it’s going to be fairly difficult with a full novel length manuscript so I’m trying to get away from thinking all Epic like and instead concentrating on a smaller chunk of time/space to work through so as to create a short-story.  There are a dozen or more little e-zines that I might be able to submit to.  One of them might/possibly/maybe will publish it.  First though I’ll be sure to jot some notes down so I don’t get distracted and lose the nugget of an idea my Muse tossed my way.  She gets quite irritated with me when I do that.  Or maybe it's just my inner child doing his utmost best to distract me from the slightly muddled mess my second manuscript has become.  I'm gonna have to break out the machette on that sucker and cut away some major chunks to get it back on track.
                So without further ado we go to The Pictures.  Enjoy and watch out Monday for something a little different. 

And this is where it all happens...not that pretty but it is fairly functional

And this, dear followers, is a picture of The Manuscript!

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